Webinar ‘Sustainable industrial carbon cycles. A regional perspective’ (ENG)

Missed this webinar? You can find the presentations and webinar here.

The province of South Holland and Rotterdam municipality are the home to the largest port in Europe, including most of the (petro)chemical industry and greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands and Europe. In the transition to a sustainable society, these industries will switch to alternative – non fossil – sources of carbon that do not lead to an increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

Together we are committed to be supportive partners to these industries in their transition to sustainable and futureproof operations. We continuously look at how they can maximize impact with limited resources. This means that we have to make choices in supporting new and innovative developments. We asked &flux, CE Delft, TNO and Power2X to map the various sustainable carbon cycles and perform a Life Cycle Assessment in terms of emission reduction and contribution to a sustainable economy.

We’ve shared the results of this study with interested stakeholders in the form of a webinar on February 29. The webinar was hosted by &flux. CE Delft and TNO and explained the results of the study in a concise form. Missed it? You can watch the webinar here:

1. Introduction & Topics: 0:00
2. Scope & Methodology:
3. Plastics Results:
4. Fuel Results:
5. Chemicals Results:
6. Recommendations & Call to Action:
7. End:

Click here for the presentation

Relevant documents (written in Dutch)
Attachment 1 LCA results plastics and methane
Attachment 2 Raw materials transition in the province of South Holland
Attachment 3 Policy analysis Carbon Flows
Attachment 4 Main report Carbon Flows
Attachment 5 Effectiveness analysis
Attachment 6 Background analysis
Attachment 7 Interpretation Life Cycle Analysis
Attachment 8 LCA results chemicals and fuels



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